Biggest Desert in the World,sahara hidden fact and information with Ouinaga Lake


Lakes of Ouinaga are a series of lakes in the Sahara Desert. Lakes of Ouinaga consist of 18 lakes in Sahara Desert. This lake was added as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. This lake located in Ennedi Region, Chad where features rainfall less than 2 millimeters in a year. They depend on an underground supply of water that fell on this area in thousand years ago when the Saharan climate was not that dry as today. Thousand years ago these lakes are previously a single large lake. Because of the extreme heat and the wind that blow the sand and separated the lake into 18 small lakes that exist today.

The lakes are divided into two groups; Ouinanga Kebir and Ouinaga Seir which derives from the name of village nearby. Ouinanga Kebir means the great Oinaga and Ouinaga Segir means little Ouinaga. Each group are 40 km apart. Ouinanga Kebir Group consist of : Lake Yoa, Lake Katam, Lake Oma, Lake Bever, Lake Midji, Lake Motro and Lake Forodom.  While Ouinaga Serir group consist of : Lake Melekui, Lake Dirke, Lake Ardjou , Lake Teli, Lake Obrom, Lake Elime, Lake Hogo, Lake Djiara, Lake Ahoita, Lake Daleyala and Lake Bokkou. The largest lake was Large Teli with 4.4 km2 wide and 10 m depth. The total area of these lakes is 20 km2 in wide. These lakes are varied in size, color, and compositions.

Unique hydrological system in this are keep the water of the lakes. The lakes are located below sandstone cliff and hill. The climate in Sahara is caused high water evaporation but the location of the lake prevents the lake from high evaporation under extreme heat and strong winds. These systems keep the largest permanent freshwater in Sahara Desert.

Because it is located in remote location, Lakes of Ouinaga are keep in their natural form with various color, size and shape. There are only few visitors that came into Lakes of Ouinaga. There were only approximately 500 visitors in a year that visited Lake of Ouinaga.


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