Best Information about Grand Canyon


             The Grand Canyon , who doesn’t know about it’s beauty ? I bet everybody does, but do know there are some more things about Grand Canyon that you might not know . well , let’s find out !

1.       Location
             Where is Grand Canyon located? For the visitors the current location is often not clear   , well  The Canyon is in Northern Arizona , just North of Flagstaff, Arizona .

                Basically it is about  two-and-one-quarter hour drive to the historic Grand Canyon from  From Arizona's Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel ( as example)

2       Maps
               You can explore all the canyon with each own beauty such as The most popular being the South Rim, then Grand Canyon West, then Grand Canyon East, and finally the North Rim.

   South Rim Grand Canyon

   Grand Canyon West

   Grand Canyon East

    North Rim Grand Canyon 

      To do list
These are some activity that you MUST do during your visit to the Canyon :
-          Go Hiking in the Grand Canyon or Ride a Mule into the Grand Canyon

-          Spend a Night

-   Try the  Rafting Trip in the Grand Canyon National Park

-        Enjoy the view from The Grand Canyon Skywalk


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