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Amboseli National Park located in Kajiado Country, 260 km from Nairobi . It is established as a national park in 1974. The park is 39,206 hectares. It is the most visited safari parks in Kenya. There are many species of animal in this park. This park also located in strategic place at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, which becomes tourist magnet in this park. There are over 900 African elephants in Amboseli, as well as huge herds of wildebeests and many other animals including giraffes, African lions, monkeys, zebras, hyenas and antelope. Visitors also can see around 400 species of birds and 47 types of raptors.

This park was declared as national reserve in 1968 until it established as national park in 1974.In 2005, President Mwai Kibaki declared that control of national park transferred from the Kenya Wildlife Service to the Olkejuedo County Council and its residents, the Maasai tribe.
Amboseli National Park is best location to see elephant herd and more wildlife including Mount Kilimanjaro and Masai tribes’ people. Amboseli National Park is home to wild animals’ .Nowhere else will you get spectacular view of Kilimanjaro. If you visit this park, you vehicle will surrounded by those majestic animals. So, do not get out of your vehicle, except at designated spots; do not harass the animals in any way; keep to the tracks; no off-road driving; and remember that the animals always have the right of way.

If you want to visit this park, you can ride your own vehicle, take public transportation, or book an open-topped minibus or safari van tour with a tour guide, or by air. You can stay in many lodges around this park or build your own camp. The average temperatures of this park is moderate, but it is better for bring your jacket to keep you warm. The minimum average daily temperature is 27°C and the maximum is 33°C .The best time to visit this park is from July to October. The best times for viewing are early and late in the day, as animals tend to sleep in the hot midday sun. In this park you can view or even climb Mount Kilimanjaro, visit Observation Hill, meet the Maasai people and learn about the Maasai culture and their indigenous lifestyle and bird watching


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