Amazon River Hidden Facts


Amazon River Hidden Facts

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Location and Brief Facts
Amazon river is located in South America, and nominated as the largest river in the world, it has width between 1.6 and 10 kilometres or 1.0 and 6.2 miles at the low stages, and the second longest river ever with the length 3,977 miles or 6,400 Kilometers. No need to doubt the title of its name as Amazon the name of War God as the fact shows how large and long Amazon River is. The thing you need to know about its width is it has expand to 48 kilometres, 30 miles, or more during the wet season. The fantastic fact of it is this river’s mouth has width over 320 kilometres or 200 miles. Because Amazon river has been nominated as the second longest river in the world, it pasess through three countries, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia.

Amazon river has lots of tributaries you need to know, whether from the left side or right side. It was made up from 1,100 tributaries. Seventeen from all tributaries are longer than 1,600 kilometres or 1000 miles. The left tributaries of Amazon River are Maranon, Japura, Rio Negro, and Putumayo. While the right tributaries consist of Ucuyali, Purus, Madeira, Xingu and Tapajos. Because Amazon River passes through three countries, it will defenitely also covers several cities from those three countries as long as its length. Due to Brazil, Amazon River covers Parintins, Tefe, Obidos, Santarem, Almeirim, Tabatinga, Itacoatiaria, Manaus and Macapa. Due to Colombia, it covers Leticia city only. While the city of Peru which is covered by Amazon River is Iquitos.

Animal Species living in the Amazon River
You could find 5,600 unknown fish species which inhabits the Amazon river, and it is going to be increased because the new species is discovered constantly. It is found the bull shark at the Iquitos in Peru from 4,000 kilometres or 2,500 miles. This river is not only the habitat of many kind of fish species, but also support the living of snakes, turtles, and crabs. One of the animal which gives you exitement is dolphin. Amazon river is also inhabit by Boto, it is the the largest species of river dolphin. There 2.5 billions species of insects are inhabit this river. For your information, because this is a river dolphin, Amazon River is the prime habitat of Boto. Beside Boto, the species of dolphin which is discovered at this river is Tucuxi. This species is found in the Amazon River Basin and also its tributaries. You could also find the very large and big fish which is living in this river, it is named Arapaima, the other name is Piracucu, with the length of 4 metres or 15 feets and the weight is 200 kilograms or 440 pounds. Last bot not least for the fish, it is the Piranha. I believe that almost all of you are familiar with this fact, that Amazon River is the habitat of Piranha. Piranha is also known as a canibal as they could eat their own animal kind, attack the livestock, and even human. Though it can not be judged that all species of piranha is human eater. This is approximately found 30 until 60 species of Piranha.

Random Facts
  •          Amazon River Forest produces 20% oxygen for the whole world
  •          Producing 20% freshwater counted from all freshwater producing around the world
  •          Some native clans of Amazon are isolated in this area and scientists do not want to have any contact with them
  •          There is an island named Marojo exists in the Amazon River, and it is as large as Swiss which has 40,100 kilometre large
  •          There are 3,000 fruit species and only 200 species are safe to be eaten
  •          The combination of eight large rivers still can not beat the large of Amazon River
  •          Be familiar with mushroom species called Pestalotiopsis. This mushroom exist in this river and could stop human’s addiction from the plastic usage


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