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Austria is a landlocked country bordered by Germany (Deutschland) and the Czech Republic. As a landlocked country, Austria serves various nature-based tourism that will mesmerize your eyes even though they don’t have a sea! There are manifold choices of tourism you can experience during your visit to Austria, and Planai is among one of the top rated destinations for those who are into winter sports. Planai will leave you speechless with its winter charm and sparkling snow. If you are a fan of ski and winter sports, I believe this place is definitely supposed to be on your list by now!

Planai is well known as the ski resort for winter sports, it is located in Styria in the mountainous area of Schladming. Schladming itself comes from the four adjoining mountains named Hause Kaibling, Reiteralm, Hochwurzen and connected under the name Schladminger 4-Berge-Schaukel with 123 of piste in total. In 2013, Planai was chosen as the location to conduct FIS Alpine World Ski Championship due to its strategic position as the central point of access to the large 4-mountain ski area. Even though there are four different mountains, they all have one thing in common; they have 123 km of pistes, 56 cabins with culinary pleasure, 44 modern cable car and lift facilities, all these excitements are designed for family, couples, as well as athletes. During the winter, Schladming offers a huge number of facilities for travelers to enjoy. There are a total of 85 cable cars that can bring your whole family experiencing the real winter tranquility, 9 ski mountains that provide best and limitless skiing delectation, and of course, all those facilities are well-maintained and safe.

Even though Planai is commonly related to snow and winter, Planai is also available and open during summer. There are various activities offered in Planai, classified based on the weather. In Winter, you can go skiing and explore the magical winter scenery surround you, you can also spend your time practicing for winter sports, and last but not least enjoy the entertaining welcome shows. A 230 km long fresh ski and board tracks are provided for visitors – from kids to ski athlete, from the easy route to the most difficult and the most challenging route. There are manifold alternatives of winter sports activities, such as; Horse Sleigh Ride, Snowshoeing, Ski Touring, Tobogganing, and even Ice Stick Shooting! So do not worry, there is no way you will end up doing nothing during your trip here in Planai.

In Summer, the beauty of Planai in Schladming will always spoil your eyes. It is guaranteed that Schladming always has something perfect in store. You can go hiking with your family or colleague, exploring the wild yet mesmerizing nature laid in the mountain by bike, playing golf, and have a ride on summer cable car.  The view of lush green alpine valleys, glaciated walls, and pristine landscapes is nothing can be compared to. It is considered as Austria’s Premium Hiking Region which, I guarantee will offer the best scenic delights, such as beautiful lake and pretty valley with its mesmerizing miraculous nature. So, you think you'll still need to reconsider coming to this magical place with your family for holiday?


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