Wonderfull louise lake at canada ,alberta-you must visit here


As a country with more than 3 million lakes, Canada is a place that worth to visit during your holiday. One of the wonderful lakes in Canada is Louis Lake. Louis Lake is Glacier Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada. The Lake is about 2.5 kilometers long and 90 meters deep.  It is located five kilometers away from Lake Louise Hamlet. This hamlet is named as the name of the lake. Name of Louise Lake itself is named from Queen’s Victoria fourth daughter, Louise Caroline Alberta.

Lake Louise is popular place to visit in both of summer and winter.  Besides taking photograph of the wonderful view of Louise Lake, there are many activities you can do there. During the summer you can be relaxed enjoying the view of Soaring Mountain surrounded the lake in the palatial hotel .In the summer you can also kayaking and paddling surrounded the lake. Canoeing is the best activity to enjoy the lake, because the water is too cold for swim in. In the Louise Lake, you will be served with the beautiful view of the lake which has intense shade of turquoise. The color of the lake comes from the rock flour that felt into the lake. The view surround Louise Lake is enriched by the eternal snow from Mount Victoria.  The best time to visit Louise Lake is in July and August, because the lake has the most vibrant of turquoise during these months. In the winter which the outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing is impossible, you can visit the lake for ice skating. During the winter you can experience the water adventure such as ice skating, skiing, and hiking.

The hamlet of lake Louise can be rich by the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) . In the Louise Lake Hamlet you can find many shops, restaurants and hotel you can stay overnight in. It is also provide visitor information center, so you won’t be lost there. You can also find many outdoor equipment rentals in the hamlet of Louse Lake to enjoy outdoor adventure in the Louise Lake.


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