Top 8 tourism place in germany with wonderfull view


Germany, the most powerful economy country in Europe, is a country you must visit during your holiday.Germany known with their hundred fairytale castle, you will feel like you were in the tale you used to read in your book when you were child. A country that is play important role both of economical aspect and political aspect in Europe have many place that is worth to visit. Here are place you must visit when you come to Germany.
 As the capital city of Germany, you must visit this city. 

        was the largest city in Germany.Known by its history during World War II , you can visit historical sites in Berlinn such as Pergamon Museum, Museum Island, and of course take tour to Memorial of the Berlin Wall. You can also visit many monument and statues there to know the history of Berlin. Your historical tour in Berlin are incomplete before you visit Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. You can also take cultural and art tours here in the Berlin.

        2. Munich
Best known for it famous Oktoberfest,you must visit Munich in your visit. In here you can visit some castle and many beautiful garden as Munich is famous with is great culture scene.You can visit many theathre and opera house in Munich. Of course you will come to famous beer festival that drawn many tourist in Munich.

3 . Lubeck
All of architechture in Germany was amazing.The architecture in Lubeck is one of tourist magnet in Lubeck. If you come to Lubeck you must come to Altstadt street to see their historical sites such as the stunning cathedral, the 12th century Town Hall and the old city gates of which the Holstentor is the most famous.

4.      Dresden
Dresden is a cultural , educational and political centre of Germany and Europe. It is capital of the federal state of Saxony located close to Prague, Czech. You can also visit many historical sites such as Museum, Chateau, and of course the stunning Frauenkirche cathedral.

5.       Cologne
Cologne is the capital city of Rheiland that famous with its culture and history. This small city has beautiful scenery that makes you must visit Cologne. You must visit Cologne Cathedral that what a landmark of this city. You can also visit museums, zoo, and church that have beautiful architechture here.

6.      Romantic Rhine
If you want a romantic holiday, you can ride riverboat cruise in the Middle Rhine. Along the river you will enjoy the view of the castle along the Middle Rgine.You will also enjoy wine from the vineyards you are passing. What an romantic journey !

7.       Rugen Island
Rugen is the largest island in Germany. You will see Baltic Sea as far as your eyes can see in this island. You can visit the resort in the seaside , an old lighthouse, remnants of a Slavic castle and a picturesque fishing village.

8.       Leipzig
Leipzing is known by its arts and culture. You can enjoy Johann Sebastian Bach performance at St. Thomas Church. You can also visit the opera building, Old Town Hall, Monument of the Batle of the Nation , Augustusplaz and Reichsgericht in Leipzig.


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