Top 5 wonderfull view Lakes in Canada


Canada, a country with more than 3 million lake has many wonderfull view lakes. Most of the lake is loacated surround the Soaring Mountain such as Mount Victoria. The world most famous lake is Alpine . Most of lake in Canada provide many fun acivities everytime, both summer and winter

5. Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Lake Louise, the Lake that have tourquise vibrant, is one of the wonderful view lake in Canada. The lake that have 2.5 kilometers long and 90 meter deep is have many outdour adventure that can be done during summer and winter such us ice skating, skiing, hikking, kayaking and paddling. Plus the famous Fairmont Chateau Hotel is located there, no worry where to stay overnight in.

4. Waterton Lake, Alberta
If you want enjoy vacation with historic ship, you must visit Waterton Lake. Waterton Lake features by many variety of flora such as pairie grasslands, aspen parkland, subalpine forest, alpine tundra and freshwater fens.

3. Abraham Lake, Alberta
The beautiful place to hike in nature in is Abraham Lake. The best time to visit this artificial Lake is in winter. During the winter this lake will serve wonderful view come from unusual phenomena resulted from frozen bubble in the water. This lake is right place to visit by the beautifiul view of  the lake and all suroounde the lake.

2.  Lake Ontario
This lake is perfect place for join  fishing competition during the winter. It is fun to do various activities in this lake such aas fishing, jet skiing and boating to refresh your mind after a busy weekdays. It is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and is comfortably posited next to Ontario – one of the biggest Canadian cities.

1. Lake Superior

The best place to visit during the summer is Lake Superior. It is the larfest lake with 560 km length which has a nice coastline and sandy beaches. It perfect palce to enjoy the sun shine during the summer.

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