This is top view Muncho Lake On the Alaska Highway in British Columbia,Canada

Muncho Lake is a lake in Northern British Columbia Canada. Muncho Lake is a part of Muskwa- Kechika Management Area and it is located at Alaska Highway. Muncho is derived from Kaska Language which means big water. The lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and amazing flora around the lake. The lake is obviously name big water because it has 12 kilometers in length. Muncho Lake is must visited place along the Alaska Highway. There are such beautiful areas in Muncho Lake, it is perfect place for sight-seeing, there are lots of great place to explore in Muncho Lake. 

Muncho Lake is perfect place for escape a while for busy routine during weekdays. There are also facilities to camp in Muncho Lake. There are two campgrounds in Muncho Lake provincial park as well as the Northern Rockies Lodge which provides a full service stop to Alaska Highway travelers on Muncho Lake including a gas station, lodgerestaurantcabinstours and more . So, Muncho Lake is worth to put in your travel list for your holiday.
Even though Muncho Lake is located in remote area in Northern Rockies Lodge, there are several ways to reach Muncho Lake. Muncho Lake is located at Mile 462 of the Alaska Highway; it is only a few minutes from the Alaska Highway that passes through the park. Getting to Muncho Lake via Alaska Highway is the closest departure point to Muncho Lake. There are also travels bus that reach Muncho Lake. You can by the Greyhound travel bus to get to the Muncho Lake; it is travel three times every week. If you go to Muncho Lake by plane, you can fly with Central Mountain Air to Fort Nelson, and then continue the journey by car in Alaska Highway. It is accessible by fully paved road. The Northern Rockies Lodge is easily reached via paved and well-maintained roads from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Whitehorse. You will enjoy beautiful view during the ride and then enjoy your wonderful journey to Muncho Lake.

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