A Guide to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon: The Most Fantastic Place on Earth


Blue Lagoon is one of famous nature destination in Reykjavik, Iceland . Bright blue colored still water known as the lost heaven by the visitors which came to the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon one natural spa place that is enrich by beatiful view of the nature that have natural hot water as a source. Blue Lagoon is wonderful place wiyh such an history. It is previously a mine site that turn into geothermal spa. You can take tour in the Blue Lagoon to know about the history and try some treatment there.  Reykjavik itself is a beautiful place, beside taking thousand photos there you can relaxe your self by geothermal spa in Blue Lagoon. It’s a great place to relax your body during your holiday day in the thermal pools—but there are also saunas, steam rooms, a man-made waterfall, and relaxation rooms. You can also try another treatmeant such as facial and massage.

You can go by the cars to the Blue Lagoon, it is one hours drive from Rekjavik Iceland.You can also go by bus from the travel companies. The road is pretty good even when it is winter. Blue Lagoon is open every day even in holiday season. Opening hours is depend on Icealnd season, you need to check the official website of Blue Lagoon before go there to come in the right time. You can buy the ticket to the Blue Lagoon either by purchase them online or purchase tours from the travel companies. The ticket cost 5400 ISK (about $48 US, at the time of writing) in the offseason—that is, September to May—or 6100 ISK ($54) during peak season.

Most of the visitors choose to make a day trip in the Blue Lagoon and go back to Reykjavik city, but if you choose to stayed a night in you can stay in the Northern Light Inn close to the Blue Lagoon.This Inn provide you free bus to the Blue Lagoon and airport. The view arround the inn is wonderful. The most eyecathicing thing here is amazing view in the lounge and also fire place that make you keep warm during the night you stay there even in the winter. You have no worry about the meal, you can try many delicious food in the restaurant there. You can also go to the LAVA restaurant to try some seafood there, and for the cheaper food you can try The Blue Cafe which also offer free WiFi for you. So, you dont have to worry on how and what thing you can do in Blue Lagoon.

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